Cutting line technology

A complete CNC jumbo cutting line system from BOTTERO SpA, Italy with automatic selection of the cutting pressure, inbuilt hardware & software for shape cutting and combined with automatic double sided autoloader system and separate breakout system.

Flat edge and arris double edgers

Group of double edger line from BOTTERO SpA, Italy capable of providing full flat edge and arris finish. The robust spindle design eliminates vibration during the grinding process. Thanks to the automatic squaring device for promising the squareness and parallelism of the processed glass pieces.

CNC System for horizontal drilling & milling

World’s most advanced innovative solution for drilling, countersinking and milling operations from FORVET, Italy. It’s a worldwide patented system integrates with opposing heads with a capacity of 16(8+8) tool positions with high precision of positioning. It combines CNC numerical control technology, to reach a high processing accuracy and high automation of perfect processing effect.

Flat Glass tempering lines

Sophisticated and innovative glass heat treatment system from the leader in glass tempering lines GLASSTECH Inc.,USA. A forced convention system capable of processing glasses with 0.02 emissivity with a maximum glass size of 6000mm X 2400mm with minimum distortion and with high quality.

Lamination line

From the well-known lamination & mirror silvering line producer BOVONE, Italy. It is capable to process a laminated glass of maximum glass size up to 2600 mm X 6000 mm. Infrared full convention lamination oven. Capable to produce interlayers such as DuPont, Sentry Glass(SGP), Saflex with 6 rolls of PVB storage.

Horizontal glass washing and drying machine

TRIULZI, Italy an exceptional machine built to last designed for flat float glass, Low-E glass and triple silver glasses complete with high-pressure pre-wash section and energy saying system with an opening width of 3000mm.

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