LACO HUE+is nothing but a lacquered glass, any form of Float glass that is painted on one side and viewed from the other side. LACO HUE+ is a modern alternative to other surfacing materials such as tiles and wooden laminates in the world of decorative and architectural industries.

Your space re-invented. Carry the conversation beyond traditional boards and notepads – capture ideas and brainstorm any time inspiration strikes. Don't settle for drywall. Upgrade to LACOLAM LACO HUE+ glass wall panels. Adding a frameless glass panel to your interior is a great way to spark creativity while also creating a modern aesthetic to your space.

Transform Your Walls With Our Glass Wall Panels

LACO HUE+ offers a completely custom solution for environmental design and new build applications. Wrap an entire office in beautiful, crisp dry-erase writing glass to create the perfect space. Our whiteboard wall panels are versatile, innovative, and practical, serving as the perfect writing space for your office, classroom, or conference room.

Turn your walls into an inspiration canvas. Create functional, dry-erase and friendly collaborative surfaces with magnetic LACO HUE+. Bring your ideas to life with a frameless glass wall for your office space. Our writable wall panels are easy to clean and add a stylish focal point to any interior.

Complement Your Space

Coordinate or accent the design schemes and colour palettes of your space with custom colours. Our whiteboard wall panels are completely customizable to compliment any space.

Don’t settle for a boring writing surface. Let us give you over 150 reasons to fall in love with our customizable glass marker boards.

LACO HUE+ BY LACOLAM is a glass colour-coating technology developed by us. This blend of high-tech equipment, along with our detail-oriented hand-craftsmanship allows designers, specifiers, and end-users to create a beautiful, coloured dry erase board with any colour imaginable.

The Difference With Our LACO HUE+ Dry Erase Board Collection

At Lacolam, we’ve gone above and beyond to deliver a coloured glass dry erase board that can truly make a difference. With its sleek tempered glass surface and polished edges, this marker board surpasses any traditional whiteboard you may be familiar with. Our glass is composed of a non-porous-surface and never leaves ink stains or ghosting meaning your notes and presentations will always look sharp. Not sure what to use on this writing surface? Our glass dry erase boards are compatible with any standard dry erase ink, even permanent markers. All you have to do is choose your custom size and colour to create the perfect glass whiteboard for your space.

At Lacolam, we believe your glass whiteboard should be a writing surface that sparks innovation, promotes creativity, and increases productivity. That’s why we’ve created a glass dry erase board that is meant to bring your ideas to life.

Our collection of coloured glass dry erase boards offers more than 150 standard colours that provide speedy production, consistency, and a stunningly beautiful finished product every time. In addition, over 45 shades of neutral colours are available within the HUE+ palette. If you’ve been searching for a colour dry erase board to match your office, conference room, or classroom, Lacolam has got you covered. Browse our long list of unique shades to find the perfect colour glass whiteboard for your space.

Beautiful LACO HUE+ Glass from wall to wall.

Fit your space with LACO HUE+ panels up to 144″ each. Custom sizes and shapes available, including cutouts, holes, and notches.

Process Type Automatic colour spraying line and Baking @ 150 degree celsius
Glass Type Clear, extra clear, ultra clear, tinted
Glass Thickness Range 4 mm to 19 mm
Description Levels
Minimum Size 250 mm X 350 mm
Maximum Size 2440 mm X 5500 mm
Description Levels
Raw Materials Only sourced Clear Float Glass from (Saint Gobain, Guardian,Sisecam)
Ultra Clear Glass from (GGG - Zibo JINXING GLASS CO & Sisecam)
Industries best paint manufacturers ( Sherwin Williams & ICA Pidilite)
Maximum Size 2440 mm X 5500 mm
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