The timeless original, glass whiteboard. Clean lines, polished edges, and invisible mounting make Float the perfect wall-mounted glass board for any space.

Allow us to introduce you to LACO MAGNETO+, the simple and elegant glass board that puts your best ideas on display. This LACOLAM innovation is designed to take your collaboration and creativity to the next level without breaking the bank.

Built for Everyone

A captivating solution for collaboration, MAGNETO+ complements almost any space.

The Ultimate Writing Surface

LACO MAGNETO+ glass whiteboards never leave ink stains or ghost residue on their MAGNETO glass boards. Your notes and presentations will always look sharp and fresh when using our wall-mounted glass boards.

Refresh Your Space

Let’s reevaluate how office furniture serves the needs of the modern, mobile workforce. Adapt transforms your workstation without replacing it.

Easily create a space to brainstorm, jot notes, communicate, and collaborate.

The glass board is now available as a beautiful, writable tabletop surface. Because you can't get enough of a good thing.

We put the power of design in your hands. MAGNETO+ is available in virtually any custom size, shape and colour.

Don’t interrupt your next great idea to move to a whiteboard, let the ideas flow right there at the table.

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